Where have you been????

I know it seams like forever since you heard from me and your right it has been….In a nut shell, I have tried some adventurous travels this year and remodeling has hampered my sewing ability.

Spring Song
Spring Song

A little further explanation…..I’m a born again flyer – I haven’t been on a plane for about 20 years, maybe more because I couldn’t get past the anxiety but my doctor gave me a pill to relax me and it worked, so it opened a whole new world – I’m so thankful!  My patient husband (who has flown so much he falls asleep on take off) has been my guide, now he says he created an animal!!  So for the last 18 months I’ve been flying here and there and loving it – one of the places we went this summer was Alaska.  I never cared if I got to go to Alaska, but my hubby has always wanted to go, so off we went.  We didn’t just go to alaska, we lived on land and sea for 14 days and each part was more beautiful than the next – we loved a little place called Talkeetna – if you have not ever been, please go….the people who live there and the wildlife and the scenery are beyond words, but I do have a few pictures – would you like to see them…..

I also visited a sweet friend in North Carolina for a week, it was so nice to spend time with her and her hubby in Asheville.  Great city on the verge of exploding artiscally so its a treat to see all the new designs and colors, just like putting a quilt together.

This summer has gone so fast but I’ve also spent a chunk of time remodeling my playroom – it has been long overdue for painting and rearranging.

The process has also given a ton of new ideas and a huge inventory to sell.  I have discovered fabrics that I purchased years ago in perfect shape and design.  Before I started teaching I used to visit a little shop called Material Possessions in Lake Forest and I swear I purchased every new fabric they had – some I used and made wonderful quilts but I also managed to save enough to make bundles, kits and prepared projects (more about these later).  I also guarantee I have the largest supply of printed background fabrics (today they are called Low Volume).  Most of these fabrics are out of print and unavailable, take a close look at the perfect fussy cut fabrics too.  Here’s a few pictures…these fabrics will be sold through my Open House and new Etsy shop Bev’s Fabric Shop beginning 12/8/19.

I will also have prepared project boxes – perfect precuts or fat quarters for a complete project – most of which are from my Simplelady designs so they are perfect beginner friendly or weekend projects.

Blog post to be continued……

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  1. Excited to see the opening of your new shop!


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