Dresden fun

I’m crazy in love with dresdens

I love the simplicity of the blades whether curved or pointed or just plain, I just have so much fun making them!

I’m sitting in a coffee shop with volume all around but tuning it out to share about my latest quilting love…One of the best parts of making dresdens is the colors-there’s no limit. I can choose a collection or stash. All one color or many of course.

One of my latest projects is Fandango. Super simple and plain top dresdens twisted and turned in romantic and colorful favorites from my stash. I even used multi colored white background prints (something I have plenty of). I had these gorgeous stripes I’ve been dying to use and they worked perfect as center quarter circles. Just enough drama

Fandango – pattern coming soon…

I’ve designed so many dresdens projects and quilts, I can’t wait to share but right now I have to pay the check. More to come…www.ladylikedesigns.com

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