Kit remodel by choice….

I cannot believe what a mess this room can get, so fast! I moved into the nicely remodeled room in Feb and it is a disaster already. I promised myself I would have only enough fabric as would fit in here – boy did I lie to myself….

at least I have some new projects to show for it – my thought was I would pull out some of those projects I been saving for when I had time – well with Covid 19 I suddenly had time, but I wanted to start new projects, can anyone relate??

This project ended up being for an order – the customer was looking at my quilt “Kays Comfort” and loved the idea of doing the quilt in different colors,

Kay’s Comfort Quilt

The original quilt was made for a friend who gave me and others a great deal of comfort when we needed it, so the name fit!

These is the new design and the new colors!

Kays Comfort 2
  • The new version – its so cool and fresh and still a bit of vintage – I love it!

Its always a challenge when you pick colors for a quilt, but I love the creative side of quilting just as much as the process of making the quilt – I think that’s why I have a messy sewing room right now….

The quilt needs lights, darks and mostly mediums with a simple background. The fabrics I chose look busy, but they are used in small ways so you need that color combination to keep the eye moving and keep the interest up!

Light/background choices

Once I look over all the possibles, then I narrowed it down to the fabric needed from the pattern and here are my Kit choices.

They turned out so pretty – the pattern is very simple but it includes applique and of course it can be machine or hand appliqued. The pattern comes with templates and complete instructions to guide you to a perfect finish.

As a designer I’d love to prepare a kit for you, if you ever need a specific color combination – let me know! Now back to cleaning my room!

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