Same pattern, different fabric, new BOM.

I’ve always loved dresdens and how pretty they look in all kinds of fabrics.  I was determined to make a dresden quilt, but I was more interested in having a variety of dresden blocks than just one choice (as lovely as they are).  So I started playing with the designs and soon my sewing room was a mess!  A sure sign I had created a quilt I could be proud to own.   As I was completing the quilt, I wanted to share with everyone…..

Truly one of my most favorite projects! This sampler is now a Block of the Month, I waited a long time to post as a BOM because I wanted to include fabric, not just a pattern. Now I have found and examined the most perfect fabric choice – it is so similar to my original quilt, it will be hard to tell it from the first one.
In that way, this makes us pioneers, forging ahead with a new idea.
Most offers of BOM , come with the design and the fabric planned at the same time. This however is a new way to make a favorite quilt with same designs, new fabric.

The original design was made 3 years ago, so the fabric choice is long gone. Ive had many followers who love the original colors and patterns of the first line of fabric, Ive not been able to produce a good matching sample, but waiting has been a blessing!!
The new idea is simple, same pattern, different fabric, new BOM.
I’ve always appreciated the lovely comments on the colors, the designs, the layout, etc   So I’m tickled to make available this quilt with the pattern and fabric!!

I have published a book which includes all the patterns and a few suggestions for the blocks.  I also have a 2nd book in the works which will be filled with additional projects and patterns I’ve made since the first one. 

You can purchase the Dresden Dreams workbook here.

For the Block of the Month program, You will receive complete PDF instructions for each month(you will generally make 2 blocks each month). he fabrics offered for the quilt in a new line that is so similar to my original, you can hardly tell the difference

When you register you will choose your fabric and complete the registration for the program.  You will need to enter a credit card for a monthly charge, the pattern will be mailed to you at the same time each month for 8 months with the fabrics for that month.  You will also be charged a shipping fee. 

One time registration fee is 5.00. (form below) The program and membership fee can not be cancelled. 
My workbook is $22.00 and can be purchased separately and will be mailed to your home.
The monthly fee $18.99 + shipping includes all the fabrics necessary for that months blocks. I will offer a backing soon.
Program begins 3/1/22
Your Order will begin as soon as registration is complete.
You will receive Welcome information  Program begins 3/1/22
Can’t wait to see your own Dresden Dreams quilt!

Kit remodel by choice….

I cannot believe what a mess this room can get, so fast! I moved into the nicely remodeled room in Feb and it is a disaster already. I promised myself I would have only enough fabric as would fit in here – boy did I lie to myself….

at least I have some new projects to show for it – my thought was I would pull out some of those projects I been saving for when I had time – well with Covid 19 I suddenly had time, but I wanted to start new projects, can anyone relate??

This project ended up being for an order – the customer was looking at my quilt “Kays Comfort” and loved the idea of doing the quilt in different colors,

Kay’s Comfort Quilt

The original quilt was made for a friend who gave me and others a great deal of comfort when we needed it, so the name fit!

These is the new design and the new colors!

Kays Comfort 2
  • The new version – its so cool and fresh and still a bit of vintage – I love it!

Its always a challenge when you pick colors for a quilt, but I love the creative side of quilting just as much as the process of making the quilt – I think that’s why I have a messy sewing room right now….

The quilt needs lights, darks and mostly mediums with a simple background. The fabrics I chose look busy, but they are used in small ways so you need that color combination to keep the eye moving and keep the interest up!

Light/background choices

Once I look over all the possibles, then I narrowed it down to the fabric needed from the pattern and here are my Kit choices.

They turned out so pretty – the pattern is very simple but it includes applique and of course it can be machine or hand appliqued. The pattern comes with templates and complete instructions to guide you to a perfect finish.

As a designer I’d love to prepare a kit for you, if you ever need a specific color combination – let me know! Now back to cleaning my room!

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Dresden fun

I’m crazy in love with dresdens

I love the simplicity of the blades whether curved or pointed or just plain, I just have so much fun making them!

I’m sitting in a coffee shop with volume all around but tuning it out to share about my latest quilting love…One of the best parts of making dresdens is the colors-there’s no limit. I can choose a collection or stash. All one color or many of course.

One of my latest projects is Fandango. Super simple and plain top dresdens twisted and turned in romantic and colorful favorites from my stash. I even used multi colored white background prints (something I have plenty of). I had these gorgeous stripes I’ve been dying to use and they worked perfect as center quarter circles. Just enough drama

Fandango – pattern coming soon…

I’ve designed so many dresdens projects and quilts, I can’t wait to share but right now I have to pay the check. More to come…

A Fall Sale…

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I enjoy making quilts so much I can’t help but share! In the next few weeks I’ll share my favorites for this time of year and each design will
be on sale and if I have a kit it will be on sale too.
This quilt has alway been one of my favorites any time of the year but especially in fall – I love the contrast of blue and brown with a dash of pink. The design is simple pieced hearts with a colorful companion block. The finishing borders look complicated but are simple folded corners to give a fancy scallop look. This quilt could be called nothing other than “Warm Romance”.
Of course I have a pattern to share…..available for 3 weeks only at a special rate of $5.00. I hope you’ll visit my site and get one today, I wish I had kits, but of course there are many fabric and color options for the design but I heard there is a beautiful fabric line called “Chocolate Romance” that would work perfect!

Where have you been????

I know it seams like forever since you heard from me and your right it has been….In a nut shell, I have tried some adventurous travels this year and remodeling has hampered my sewing ability.

Spring Song
Spring Song

A little further explanation…..I’m a born again flyer – I haven’t been on a plane for about 20 years, maybe more because I couldn’t get past the anxiety but my doctor gave me a pill to relax me and it worked, so it opened a whole new world – I’m so thankful!  My patient husband (who has flown so much he falls asleep on take off) has been my guide, now he says he created an animal!!  So for the last 18 months I’ve been flying here and there and loving it – one of the places we went this summer was Alaska.  I never cared if I got to go to Alaska, but my hubby has always wanted to go, so off we went.  We didn’t just go to alaska, we lived on land and sea for 14 days and each part was more beautiful than the next – we loved a little place called Talkeetna – if you have not ever been, please go….the people who live there and the wildlife and the scenery are beyond words, but I do have a few pictures – would you like to see them…..

I also visited a sweet friend in North Carolina for a week, it was so nice to spend time with her and her hubby in Asheville.  Great city on the verge of exploding artiscally so its a treat to see all the new designs and colors, just like putting a quilt together.

This summer has gone so fast but I’ve also spent a chunk of time remodeling my playroom – it has been long overdue for painting and rearranging.

The process has also given a ton of new ideas and a huge inventory to sell.  I have discovered fabrics that I purchased years ago in perfect shape and design.  Before I started teaching I used to visit a little shop called Material Possessions in Lake Forest and I swear I purchased every new fabric they had – some I used and made wonderful quilts but I also managed to save enough to make bundles, kits and prepared projects (more about these later).  I also guarantee I have the largest supply of printed background fabrics (today they are called Low Volume).  Most of these fabrics are out of print and unavailable, take a close look at the perfect fussy cut fabrics too.  Here’s a few pictures…these fabrics will be sold through my Open House and new Etsy shop Bev’s Fabric Shop beginning 12/8/19.

I will also have prepared project boxes – perfect precuts or fat quarters for a complete project – most of which are from my Simplelady designs so they are perfect beginner friendly or weekend projects.

Blog post to be continued……

Quilt Shows create a spirit to sew….

I spent the weekend with a fantastic group of quilters and quilt friends at the Flying Geese quilt guild show.  It was so much fun and we wore ourselves out talking and laughing and sharing all about the latest quilting trends, fabric and designs.

I wish to thank the great crew with Flying Geese quilt guild for making everything just right, especially the hospitality and the volunteers who worked at making the vendors happy!

Something happens when you visit a quilt show to inspired your creativity and gt you all fired up with a spirit to sew.  As I and the others walk around and look at the latest goodies, I can’t help but go home ready to create something fantastic – love that inspiration.  As a vendor, I’m doubly blessed with fun customers and quilt friends but I share a spirit of salesmanship with some really cool people.  We are not just there to sell products, we are also there because we love quilters and everything it brings to heart.

I have some pictures of my booth to share – hope you enjoy them, if you were there and I missed you – please visit my website for my latest news….

Make sure to visit a quilt show as soon as you can, join the fun.  On a final note, I do have a few kits leftover and plenty of patterns with a full class schedule on my website.

Happy Quilting….Bev


Walk with me…

Walk with me through a day of sewing and creating.  I’ve been teaching quilt classes for over 15 years and feel very blessed to meet the most fascinating people filled with wit and wisdom all related to fabric and quilting.  The day goes by too fast, but the accomplishment is well worth the time.  Bring a project you’ve already started or a new project to begin, I will bring my patience and tips to guide you along.

Teaching quilt classes is one of my greatest joys – its a pleasure to spend time with a quilter as she/he moves through a quilt from cutting to piecing to applique to finishing and quilting.  The joy is for me to live the process with her….I enjoy teaching and helping the quilter discover new and easy techniques and color exploration.  Quilt classes are also a great time with other quilters for the conversation and fun that is always present!

Come join me as I offer a quarterly open sew day, filled with a relaxing and delightful day of sewing and creating.  The location is a perfect setting for a group with plenty of good lighting, tables, comfy chairs and even a giant cutting table and ironing stations.

I’d like to suggest some projects you may have wanted to begin and a will offer a free pattern to get you started.  Below are some class choices which are perfect for one day.  If you are enrolled in any of my block of the month classes, you may also bring that project to continue your work.

Bellas Star
Bella Starfish
Dresden Dreams
Dresden Dreams BOM
Basket Parade
California Jazz
These designs are only a small few to choose from, visit my website for more choices – II promise you’ll have a good time and get plenty of sewing done….

For more information and registration, click here.  See you soon!  Bev