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Holistic lifestyle advice for families looking to eat wholesome foods, and live more sustainably.


  • Dresden fun

    I’m crazy in love with dresdens I love the simplicity of the blades whether curved or pointed or just plain, I just have so much fun making them! I’m sitting in a coffee shop with volume all around but tuning it out to share about my latest quilting love…One of the best parts of making […]

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  • A Fall Sale…

    I enjoy making quilts so much I can’t help but share! In the next few weeks I’ll share my favorites for this time of year and each design will be on sale and if I have a kit it will be on sale too. This quilt has alway been one of my favorites any time […]

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  • Where have you been????

    I know it seams like forever since you heard from me and your right it has been….In a nut shell, I have tried some adventurous travels this year and remodeling has hampered my sewing ability. A little further explanation…..I’m a born again flyer – I haven’t been on a plane for about 20 years, maybe […]

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  • Quilt Shows create a spirit to sew….

    Quilt Shows create a spirit to sew….

    Something happens when you visit a quilt show to inspired your creativity and gt you all fired up with a spirit to sew.

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  • Walk with me…

    Walk with me…

    Walk with me through a day of sewing and creating.  I’ve been teaching quilt classes for over 15 years and feel very blessed to meet the most fascinating people filled with wit and wisdom all related to fabric and quilting.  The day goes by too fast, but the accomplishment is well worth the time.  Bring […]

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